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AFG ES-1500 "ENERGY SAVER" Attic Fan Gable

AFG ES-1500  
Motor Voltage 120 V. AC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 30 Watts
Air Flow @0.1" SP 1560 CFM
CFM/Watt 52.0
Shipping Weight 14 Lbs
Ship Carton Dimensions 17" x 17" x 12"
Ship Carton Cube 2


UL Component   UL Listing Numbers
Motor E62815; E62788; E62862
RACO Handy Box & Cover E195978

"The natural choice for energy savings"

US Patent #7497774






sonnenBatterie Smart Energy Storage for Homeowners

sonnen's mission is to provide clean and affordable energy for all. Our all-in-one sonnenBatterie energy storage products integrate with new and existing solar power systems to turn your house into a smart energy home - using more of the solar energy you generate during the day to provide power at night and peace of mind when the grid goes down.

The sonnen Difference

Since 2010, sonnen has been an innovator in intelligent energy storage products that help customers reach their goal to use clean, reliable and cost-effective energy. What makes sonnen unique is our proven ability to provide best in class, clean energy products and services that are easy to use.

sonnenBatterie: a Key to
Smart Energy Homes

The sonnenBatterie actively maximizes your household solar consumption by storing excess solar for use later. Adding a sonnenBatterie to your solar power system enables you to:

  • Maximize the use of your clean solar energy by storing excess solar for use at night
  • Keep the lights on and your solar working during power outages*
  • Lower your electric bill by reducing your use of the grid during expensive peak times
  • Monitor and manage your household energy usage with our sonnen App
  • Increase your independence from the utility grid

Greater Energy Control

The sonnenBatterie eco software allows you to monitor, analyze, and control the supply and demand of your household - anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Energy Management

  • Web portal and App provide real-time production and consumption data to help you monitor your energy usage
  • Integrated energy management software uses weather data and historical energy usage to manage your energy supply
  • Smart plugs automatically use excess solar power to run appliances
  • Remote system monitoring and upgrades - no yearly maintenance required

Safety and Performance

  • All-in-one design works with new and existing solar
  • 4kWh to 16kWh storage capacity available
  • Components are certified to UL standards
  • Battery warranty for reliability, durability, and long 10-year lifespan

For everyone everywhere.

sonnenBatterie is sold exclusively through our network of trusted partners across the U.S. and around the world. We have certified sonnenBatterie partners in your area who will help determine which eco storage systems fits your household energy needs and then work with you to install, commission and service your system.

Environmental Benefits

Environmentally, you can lower
your carbon footprint with the
implementation of a solar system.

Solar on your home will also reduce reliability on foreign fuel, promote air quality, and generate local jobs.

Financial Benefits
The financial benefits of Solar include lower electric bills and increase property values. Energy costs rise 5-7% per year. With your solar system installed by TEA Solar, you insulate yourself against these rising cost variables.
Free Consultation
Contact us and we will be happy to give you a no cost no obligation site evaluation. Our energy consultants will go over all the options available to you. If for some reason solar is not a good fit for you we will go over other energy saving solutions you may take. Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

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Merced, CA 95348
Phone 209.580.4498

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